Simon Davidson X Stonemen

Photographer / Simon Davidson

He’s a lover, artist, deep thinker. One of Australia’s most sought-after editorial, commercial and solo-commission lensmen. The proud and passionate owner of a sweet 1964 Ford XM Coupe that “sounds gorgeous at 5500rpm”—a daily driver that ain’t no stranger to surfboard wax on the paint.

Meet Simon Davidson—one of Australia’s finest photographers.

High art? Niche subculture? Why not both? Davidson shifts seamlessly between subjects. He’s as comfortable shooting high-end international advertising campaigns as he is on the Bonneville Salt Flats, or engulfed in vaporised rubber beside a burnout pad.



It’s the latter that’s most recently found recognition in the global art world. Davidson’s burnout series—drivers and machines shrouded in smoke and flame, timeless glimpses of small moments of destruction—hangs in private collections and galleries across North American and Europe.

Davidson’s images, it’s been written, “are superbly composed contemplations of the moment. Slices in time that hold the gaze with car, driver and movement balanced in an ideal expression of a sublime modernity.”



Davidson says, “My aim is to open people up to burnouts who are not connected to car culture. To show these frozen snapshots of beauty invisible to the naked eye.”

The Bondi-based lensman has contributed two designs to Stonemen: ‘Burnout’ and ‘Blowfish’.



You can see more of Simon's amazing work here at and here @simondavidsonphotographer