Valentine's Day

Love, Love, Love…


Is the cure, is all you need, will break your heart, will lift you up where you belong, is the drug I’m thinking of, will tear us apart…again, will light the way. On Valentine’s and every day. Love… 

…Is there within you. You feel it plume from your heart through your veins, down your arms to your fingers, that tingle and reach out to touch the back of your sleeping lover. The pads of your fingers against their vertebrae, their skin goosebumps and through your fingers, up your arm and neck to your face a smile blooms, broad and open and glorious. Because you’ve realised. This is it. You feel it. It’s there within you, and it's as honest a truth as your name.


…Is there within you. It spreads like soft butter over warm bread. It’s delicious, and simple, and right. Your child’s soft, sweaty, toddler curls stick to their temples as you lift their sleep heavy body from the couch where they’ve fallen asleep again, just before dinner, because they wouldn’t take their nap this afternoon. The latest emotional test you’ve pushed through melting off you as their pudgy, dimpled, hands gently grip your neck as you hold them against your chest and carry them up the carpeted stairs to bed.


…Is there within you. As soon as you glimpse that tiny, wiggly, body, pushing its round little tummy and ungainly little legs forward into the scrum of a litter, competing for a place at the bowl of food. Your new best mate, that will sit in the car with you when the radio’s playing and you’re singing off key, and will leap out, as soon as the door’s open, and tear a mad streak through the sand to the nearest crew who are falling all over themselves because of a bit of drift wood and someone’s chucked for them. Who will come running back to you, overjoyed, proud, with a loose floppy tongue hanging from the side of their mouth, panting. “Did you see it? Did you see?” Who you scratch behind the ear and call buddy, or bud, or matie.


…Is there within you. The relief floods like wine into a wine glass when they pick up the phone. It’s that voice you need to hear, today of all days. They have the listening ear, and the best advice, and can make you crack up even in moments like this, when no one else can. Who's been there since the beginning, since you sat next to them in class that day and you borrowed their pencil sharpener. Who’s been there ever since, through everything. The breakups, that mad night in Amsterdam with the Swedish backpackers, the promotions, when your dad got sick. All of it.    

…Is there within you. All the time. Everywhere. When that soft fluffy mass is curled up, purring in your lap. When your mum kissed your scraped knee, and applauded the loudest as you walked out onto assembly to get your award from the principal. When the stage lights flashed, and the band began playing, and the crowd began to jump. When you said yes to them. When you said yes to yourself. When you stood up against the wrong thing and did the right thing. When you opened your arms, and your heart, and your mind. It’s there. Flowing through you, out of you, into you. Love. Love. Love. It’s all you need.