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Stonemen / Dave

Posted on February 09 2018


Stonemen model (and gun PT) David Harris talks the sacrifices he makes to stay looking so dang hot.

Where do you like to eat out in Brisbane?

“To be honest, I just moved here – and I’m a big fan on making my own food. I like to know what’s in it! If I do splurge however, it’s definitely Ribs & Rubs in Newfarm…”

Where are you from originally?

“I’m from the Sunshine Coast – I’ve always lived near the beach! But, I moved to Brissie to further my career and get out of my comfort zone.”

Still, if a visitor came to Brisbane tomorrow, where would you take them?

“I’m a big fan of Southbank – it has such a great vibe. Teneriffe has great cafes too.”

So tell me more about making your own food. You seem very disciplined!

“There is no hiding when it comes to fitness. I am very diligent, never eat out and live at the gym. This is not for everyone, so knowing your body – measuring what you put in and how your body reacts is key to finding your balance.”

What other tips do you have?

“You have to sacrifice a few things for what you want, such as starchy and sugary foods. It’s a personal thing dieting, everyone is all about cutting the carbs. Sure it works, but the real key is to speed up your metabolism. Stay natural and avoid processed foods and sugar as a minimum foundation.”

What would you say to a client who falls of the wagon between PT sessions?

“PT gives people value because it keeps them accountable. I try to stay in touch with my clients as much as I can. But it’s not about being perfect – it’s about getting back on the horse. Everyone has a bad week, so the key is to get back on track. Nothing is irreversible!”

Ok, so what’s your ultimate cheat meal?

“My cheat meal is Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked! Once a week I allow myself a bit of ice-cream…”

How did you develop your passion in fitness?

“After school I did graphic design as both my parents are in advertising. I sat behind the computer for days on end – but I am a person who loves to be outside. While I enjoyed the creative side, I didn’t want to spend my life being stuck inside, behind a computer.

I started training at about 18 years old and fell in love with it pretty quickly. I wasn’t even interested in the result so much – I just loved how it made me feel. It is my meditation of sorts.

I also went to Hills Golf Academy, where I played golf every day from 13-18 years old.  I grew up on the golf course – my parents dropped me off  when the sun rose and then when sun was down they picked me up. My mum is a mad golfer!”

What’s your handicap?

“I still have a 7 handicap but was of 4 when I was younger – I don’t play much anymore…”

Where do you like to train outdoors now?

“I love to train at Newfarm Park – but I’m gym oriented person. I used to do a lot of sessions on the beach in the Sunshine Coast, but to take your exercise to another level, you’ve got to get to the gym. Still, I do miss the water. Nothing is better than training on the beach, so I like to get down there as often as I can.”

Which gym do you train at?

“I work at Jetts in Taringa so I train there and sometimes I train at Worlds in Yarongapilly.”

Have you travelled much? What’s on your bucket list?

I’ve been to NZ twice – but would love to go to Jamaica and Bora Bora. I’ve never been skiing -so would like to do that in Canada.

How did your stonemen shoot come about?

“I’ve been training a friend in the fashion industry and she put me in touch w the stonemen guys.”

How was modelling?

“I know Sally quite well so she made it comfortable – wasn’t too awkward – I enjoyed it!”


You should do more of it…

“Haven’t thought about it, but if you say so!”

What do you think of the undies?

“The undies are amazing! I’m wearing them now – they are a bit unconventional, good cut and comfortable.”

Which print?

The one with the mountains… (we assume he means The Lake).

Last question – do you have a girlfriend?


*Dave wears the Ocean, Palm and Lake prints in a men’s boxer and trunk cuts.

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