Trunk / Cosmos

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Wherever there are eyes, they gaze skyward to the stars. For some, staring into the cosmos makes them feel small. For others, the endless reaches of the universe make them feel like they are a part of something infinitely large.

There are more stars in the macrocosm of space than grains of sand on the beaches of Earth. Think about that for a cosmic moment. Then think about how great you’ll look in this design. 

Under the clothes, under the covers, under the night sky.


  • Made from 95% Australian Cotton / 5% Elastane for the perfect amount of stretch 
  • Classic Trunk cut inspired by 1950's Italian swimwear
  • Uplifting support in the front and extra coverage at the rear
  • Sublty placed logo on waistband
  • Soft and firm cotton rich waistband
  • Uninterrupted wrap-around image
  • Supersoft seams provide all-day comfort

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