We are stonemen - a local Byron Bay tribe that makes super-comfortable undies made with breathable, engineered premium cotton for our fellow (stone)folk... because we know your bits deserve more than rubbing up against some polyester, right? 
Stonefolk need undies so good, they forget they're wearing them. Sophisticated, yet earthy, they're into building with their hands, camping under the stars, driving vintage cars, smoking rollies and growing their hair long .. even if it's just on weekends. They are tribal rebels who make campfires and swim naked under the stars, strum out on the guitar and belt out classics and... and when they return home.......
They appreciate quality artisan brands that retain nostalgia, sentiment and a focus on quality and community - with a sense of humour and irony to the mix. It's things made well and with consideration. What makes us different (apart from the bodacious soft cotton and precise architectural design to hug your bits in all the right places) are the artisan prints that form a seamless visual, wrapping around your bod in one magnificent motion. As the only brand to master this full vista technique, we are always looking for more cool artists to wrap around your buns and support local (and international) talent. 
Stonemen are things made well, with consideration, for Stonefolk who always retain a touch of the wilderness to them… Come play