As the full moon approaches, Stonemen has decided to break from the herd and bid farewell to participation in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The intensity and cynicism of these hyper sale days don’t sit comfortably with us as a company and we want to stand firmly in our own identity and say: “This isn’t who we are.”

In 2021 Stonemen has made a number of changes to bring us more closely into alignment with our independent and ethically minded spirit and saying goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday are part of that. As we cut our own path we decide how we connect with the broader Stonemen family, what we want to offer, and under what circumstances. The full moon is associated with cleansing energy, renewal and new beginnings, so with that in mind, we offer you Stonemen’s first ever FULL MOON SALE!

We are offering up to 50% off selected items, site wide! The sale starts at 8am Friday 19th November and finishes midnight Sunday 21st November! We’re doing it our way, independently, because this is who we are.