Cheeky Brief / Feathers



Artist / Chief Gavran

For almost every culture on Earth, feathers represent divinity

As feathers allow great eagles to soar, so too, the human spirit.

Feathers are the freedom of flight, evoke the soul’s ability to transcend, and feature in numerous creation myths.

Feathers also happen to be very good for tickling. Apply directly to the skin and move lightly along the foot, the ankle, up the leg to the knee, the thigh, and, well, you get the idea.

Some have put a feather in their cap and called it macaroni. We put it on fine cotton underwear and call it Stonemen.


  • Made from 95% Australian Cotton / 5% Elastane for the perfect amount of stretch
  • Thoughtfully designed cut offering excellent balance of coverage and support
  • Delicate and supersoft seams provide all-day comfort
  • Subtly placed logo on waistband
  • Soft and firm cotton rich waistband

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