For the Galaxy Girls and the Cosmological Qweens they Inspire…

Cosmos by Stonemen is now available in our women’s print range! 


Oh, the stars, how we adore them. From across the darkness of space their light shines, filling the night sky with wonder, mystery, beauty. They’re the catalyst for our human stories of where we came from and why. Ancient mariners navigated across the oceans by them, whole civilisations built their temples to perfect alignment to accurately track their passage and learn the secrets of the sky. We live by the heat of our nearest star, all things grow in it’s grace. We are endlessly fascinated by them, and it is through observing them, how they are developed, how they live and die, we learn the grand and minute stories of our universe.  

Ah, the Moon, caller of water, caller of women, caller of romantics and wild things. Moonlight that we howl at, draw inspiration from, that we journey towards, in our myths and in our first step out to touch the body of infinite space.   

From the beginning, women have been present and participating in developing the knowledge of all that exists in our cosmos. From Sumerian High Priestess Enheduanna, tracking the phases of the Moon in 2300 BC, to Aglaonice of Thessaly, around 200 BC, predicting Lunar Eclipses, to the 20th Century AD with Margaret Geller mapping the nearby universe, Margaret Burbidge discovering the universe's most distant objects then known, to Vera Rubin’s study of Spiral Galaxies and Dark Matter. Women, eternal as the stars, have been there on the cutting edge of our ever expanding knowledge of our ever expanding universe.

 Like the stars themselves, in all their forms, their importance, the power of their shine and what they illuminate in our knowing has often been misunderstood, overlooked or forgotten. Their power was formed in difficult and unlikely circumstances. Recognising this, the theme of World Space Week 2021 is Women in Space. It is an opportunity to honour the women who brought us our universal knowledge.  

We are over the moon to announce that our Cosmos print is now also available in our women’s range for all our intrepid, star-gazing, trail-blazing, mystical women out there! Rich with a nebula’s worth of stars and cosmic dust, this dreamy, inspiring and stunningly beautiful print is the perfect reminder to every woman to never let anyone dim her shine. 

Some may call it a Cosmic Coincidence, others may call Universal Fate, but no matter how you shake out the fabric of the cosmos, sometimes the stars align.


Words by Shona Anderson