Trunk / Horses



Artist / Rob Yingling

For Norse heathens, to truly know a horse was akin to communing with the gods. In Eastern mysticism, horses represent nobleness of spirit, faithfulness, courage and integrity.

In modern western theology, the white horse represents death. So, too, its black counterpart, albeit with a darker, more destructive edge.

And in ancient Africa, so exalted were horses that they were spared the indignity of work. The origin of the phrase “save a horse, ride a cowboy,” perhaps. Do your own research.

For the Celts, the horse was their first deity.  For Stonemen, our first design. A true classic, and a symbol of how far we’ve come.

Giddy up!


  • Made from 95% Australian Cotton / 5% Elastane for the perfect amount of stretch 
  • Classic Trunk cut inspired by 1950's Italian swimwear
  • Uplifting support in the front and extra coverage at the rear
  • Sublty placed logo on waistband
  • Soft and firm cotton rich waistband
  • Uninterrupted wrap-around image
  • Supersoft seams provide all-day comfort

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