Boxer Brief / Surfers

$17 $39


Photographer / Michael Hutchings

The sea is a wild place. Riptides, undercurrents, forests teeming with sharks.

And yet, every day we merrily throw ourselves at its mercy, with nothing more than a board between us and briny oblivion. Often even less. As often as possible, nothing at all.

Perhaps we yearn to return to our naked origins, those primordial creatures, long before we slithered out of the salty mud and got legs and ears and bad credit ratings.

Soothing undulation, blissful cool, unknowable depths. Space to free the mind and unburden the body. And check out some hotties in their natural habitat.


  • Made from 95% Austalian cotton / 5% Elastane for the perfect amount of stretch
  • Classic boxer brief cut offering extra coverage on the leg
  • Subtly placed logo on waistband 
  • Soft and firm cotton rich waistband
  • Uninterrupted wrap-around image
  • Supersoft seams provide all-day comfort

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